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I worked crazy hours last week, but didn't get anything done....
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar.

This is the single most common phrase I hear from my clients and my personal friends. Don't worry, you are not alone. 

The good news is... It doesn't have to be like that anymore. Things can change, and it can start today.... right now.

Keep reading and I will explain....
Did you work crazy hours last week, yet didn't get "anything" done?
This is the single most common phrase I hear from my clients and my personal friends. Don't worry, you are not alone, so don't get too frustrated.... 

The good news is... It doesn't have to be like that anymore

Do you want to make every work day and every week count?

Do you want to have more time toff and not stress over tasks endlessly while still not making enough income to support your dreams?

Good, because that's where I come in....

Let me tell you who I am and 
what I can do for you
I'm Chris Waldron, professional accountability and performance coach....

As an entrepreneur, father, manager, leader, and volunteer I struggled with the same exact things that you do. Until I figured out the key 🔑 to smashing through my goals and getting things done day in and day out.

I work with business leaders, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and a range of other folks globally to solve their productivity and "motivation" issues from the source.

I'm going to help you do the same...

If you are just starting out in entrepreneurship or are already running a large enterprise, we will work together to make sure you are setting the right goals week by week and focusing on the right priorities. 

We will also root out the main causes of why you are not getting things done and incrementally improve them until you are in peak state every work day.

My process is intense and intended only for individuals ready to commit to the process and move forward each week. 

This is not a program where I stand over your shoulder and check a box. I am not your new supervisor.
Ready to scrap all the excuses and get productive? 
Then let's get started building your dream life...
Here is a look into the program:
  • ​Confidentiality: Your life is sensitive information, The first thing we will discuss is our 100% confidentiality between you and I. I recognize that some things are hard to share, and I do not take that lightly. 
  • ​Clarity: We are going to make sure you are very clear on what your vision is for your life, and how you are going to get there.
  • ​Weekly Structured Calls: Each Week we are going to get on a call and discuss your prior weeks performance. We are going to deconstruct any challenges and rebuild them incrementally. We then clarify your goals for the week.
  • ​Precision Goal Setting: Over the first few weeks, I am going to train you to set goals correctly and guide you to choose the most impactful targets.
  • Weekly Journal (Evernote): You will maintain a structured weekly journal of week overviews and goals in Evernote that is shared direct to me.
  • Quarterly or Semi-Annual Evaluations: On a specific schedule we are going to deep dive into your world and root out anything that isn't moving you towards your dream life and make sure your goals align with your future vision. (if you don't have a vision we will build that too!)
  • ​Fun Stuff: Don't think this is just boring paperwork, we are going to have fun as well. Your journey isn't just work, it's an adventure. 
Here is what you need to invest:
Physically: We need a consistent 50 minutes to 1 hour weekly to get on a call
Mentally: You need to have an open mind and be ready to learn and adapt to new thinking
Emotionally: You will need to bring your walls down and be transparent with me each week.

Ready? Then let's get going right now..... 
Enter your name and email to be taken to my calendar for scheduling.
We will have a phone call every week to make sure you are staying on track and challenging yourself. My work isn't done until you know how to hit your target consistently...
Rapid Personal Development
After spending 10's of thousands of dollars on personal development training over the last 15 years, I have defined the right formula to rapidly change how you process & prioritize. 
Results Oriented
All of our work is designed to pay for itself as quickly as possible, and set you up with the tools to achieve all of your financial goals. We will track results over time to ensure that you move forward without fail.
Success Stories 
"Having Chris as an accountability partner has been very beneficial to my business and personal life. As an entrepreneur it's critical to have someone keeping you moving forward every week..."
Bobby C.
Founder @ Global Wealth Protection
"I had been struggling with burn-out and not getting critical things done every week. Now I make sure that I am setting clear goals and working towards them and it has helped me push forward at a fast pace. Highly recommended"
Winson T.
Founder @
"I just want to give a shout out to Chris to thank him for the help he’s given me over the past 6 months or so through his accountability program. It has really been huge for me..."

".... He’s someone at a higher level. More experience, better mindset, different (and better) strategies and systems, etc."
-David G.
Founder @ Hood River Industries, LLC
"Chris has helped me find the inner discipline to change my life. 

I have changed my habits, multiplied my business four times over and created a more fulfilling life. Chris could charge me 10x for his service and I would still find it immensely valuable."
-Mark N.
Founder @

...with many more yet to be added here.

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